Jameel Attari

Founder and CEO of Jameel Attari Group
Blogger, Youtuber, Social Media Influencer, Mentor and Website Designer


Self Intro

I am Jameel Attari.

I am from India.

I complete masters in Accounting and Business statistics and Urdu Language.

Also maters Diploma in Computer Science.



About Website

Launching date of this website November 03, 2021

This Website is multi purpose Website.

Main purpose of this website is distributing knowledge of my life.


About website owner from its words

My name is Jameel Attari.

I started working as a manual labour from 1992 for weak condition of family.

I done Graduate Degree in 2005.

After the Graduation i started teaching career in Maths.

I done big mistake of my life in 2009 of joining a person for the name of social service.

That person cheated me in the name of social service.

I lost my 6 very important year with that.






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