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Clean car in pollen spring season


During the spring season pollens of the blooming trees can be harmful to your car. Most people find yellow film just to be annoying, many people don’t know it is just because of pollens. Only wiping your car’s window off and spraying the car down is not enough. Here is something for your car’s care. Stay Hooked.

What is pollen and how does it damage the car?

  • Pollen is a collection of plant seeds.
  • It looks like green dust and it is actually acidic in nature.
  • If the car is exposed to acid for a long enough time, serious damage will be done to the paint.

How to keep your clean car during the pollen spring season?

Rinse and wash

  • You may have to fit extra washes in during the spring months.
  • For better results go for a car wash at the nearby station within a fortnight during spring.


  • Put an extra layer of wax on the car it will not only protect your vehicle but also makes it look shiny.

Check your engine filter

  • It is recommended to replace your engine filter every 15k to 30k miles, so it is better to wait until spring’s end.

Clean up the wiper blades

  • There are sticky pieces of rubber in the wiper blades and pollen gets attached to them.
  • So, it is necessary to clean up the wiper blades even after washing and waxing.

Choose parking place wisely

  • Prevention is better than cure.
  • During the spring season avoid parking your car nearby trees.
  • It is better to park under the roof or in any garage.
  • If you can’t avoid parking under trees, use a car cover.

Keep the windows up

  • Interior could also get affected by pollen and outside dust.
  • So, keep the windows up.


  • We hope these key points would help you to maintain your car during the spring season.
  • If you can’t go through these steps consider the car detailing, it is a little bit costly but it will save your time.

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