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Never Search in Google


Generally, we everyday used google for many purpose. Have you ever thought that there are somethings that should not be searched on Google. In this post we discuss about those things never search in google.

  1.  Bank Websites
  2. Apps and Soft wares
  3. Government Scheme
  4. Coupon Code
  5. Customer Care Number
  6. Criminal Words
  7. About Yourself
  8. About Cancer
  9. Cancer + any diet
  10. Symptoms of any disease
  11. Cure of Disease
  12. About Medicine
  13. Child Porn
  14. The Birth of a Child
  15. Abortion Related
  16. Smokers Lungs
  17. Pressure Cooker Bomb + Backpack
  18. Blue Waffles
  19. Financial Advice
  20. Social Media
  21. E-Commerce Websites
  22. Anti – Virus
  23. Illegal Information

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