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Michael Jackson

Nothing can be as tragic as the death of Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop practically needs no introduction.

His achievements in the music industry alone have earned him a place in history the reach of which hardly anyone can imagine.

There were iconic albums including "Bad," "Thriller," "Beat It," and "Billie Jean."

Most Successful Album of All Time (via CNBC) August 29 would have been Jackson's 64th birthday.

Many are taking time out to remember and celebrate Jackson's many musical achievements.

At the height of his career, Jackson made an ambitious anthology feature film, 1988's "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker".

Long serves as the music video for the songs from their 1987 album "Bad".

However, Jackson had previously appeared in films such as "The Wiz" and "Captain EO".

Despite the artist's name on the title, "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker" does not have the widest assortment of domestic media releases.

The film was initially only released on VHS in the United States.

Viewers can watch Jackson's color vision on Amazon Prime, where the film can either be rented or purchased.

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Michael Jackson